Three Movements: An Urgent Conversation About Living With Fukushima
Text and Illustrations: Marianna Maruyama

Design: Laura Pappa

Size: 120x170 mm

Edition: 300
ISBN: 978-94-90294-52-6
Price: €8
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What is movement without mobility? Resistance faced and the false notion of having choices. We, that is, the entire planet, live with nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, radiation uncontained which threatens all life forms. Decisions made prior to our births or without our consent or even with our consent now force us to take positions and to stand somewhere—are we for or against? Do we remain, abstain, or evacuate? Affirm, reject, revolt? Voices from individuals, varied news sources, and personal correspondence to Marianna Maruyama after the 11 March 11 2011 great Tohoku Earthquake make up the multilayered reading of this collaborative text. Designed by Laura Pappa of Werkplaats Typografie, to be experienced as a collective conversation taking place across temporal boundaries.