They Have Thrown the Scouts in the Sea 1947–2013
Concept: Aziza Harmel
Design: Mélissa Pilon
Size: 235x335 mm
Price: €12
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One of the truly intriguing things that I have found is a folder containing three scout pictures from the 1940s, a picture of the General Chanzy Ferry (the name of the boat linking the Marseille and Tunis ports during the colonial period), a cinema ticket from the movie Gunga Din dated 1950, and a picture of my grandparents standing next to cosmonaut Valentina Terechkova.These fragments of a life, call irresistibly for interpretation. I immediately felt the need to find out why all these objects were put together. Each object has a story beyond it, and each is a cue for an archive. That’s how my obsession to investigate a misplaced past and discover how it could activate something in the present began.

The history that has been written can lead us to various answers but I also believe that stories can do this even better. What we need now are stories, stories about people.