Most Of The Time Not At All Always
Author: Marija Šujica
Design: Mathew Whittington
Size: 120x180 mm
Edition: 250
ISBN: 978-94-90294-39-7
Price: €8

Most Of The Time Not At All Always considers memorizing, remembering, and the memorialization of the body as a medium through which a perception of life is formed. The publication acts as a meeting point where, from the position of a computer game player, a funeral speech writer, and an astronaut, the sensation that we live and are present in a physical body is described. It simultaneously considers how the absence of the body, whether forgotten, removed, or remote from Earth, is a common perception among the three interviewees and an intrinsic element of the text and its reading. These perspectives were documented during a recorded conversation with Joren Beemsterboer (computer game player), Hester van Hasselt (professional funeral speech writer), and Wubbo Ockels (astronaut), and are presented in the publication in the form of an interview, theater script, and poem.