Metal, But At the Same Time… It’s a Crystal
Metal, But At the Same Time... It’s a Crystal
Concept: Vanja Smiljanic
Design: Niko Mihaljević
Size: 150 x 210 mm
Price: €10
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Metal, but at the same time … it’s a crystal, a proposition for a printed version of Library of Light, an online archive which gives identity to the new religious movement called Cosmic People (

From 2010 till 2012, a series of attempts to infiltrate the Library of Light were developed. Unsuccessful, these attempts provoked an avalanche of questions around the concept of an archive, in the sense of sharing, criteria, and access. Presenting their archive as a discourse, and as a symbol of the manifestation of power, the archivist,  the active mediator, self-consciously shapes collective memory for purposes well beyond historical research. Applying the methodology of Cosmic People, all documents that constitute this publication are presented as scientific. They call upon the unmediated and objective representation of the world, and rely on the undisputed relation that readers have toward this material. All of the images are supported by subtitles which function as a screen that conceals their true origin and directs one’s interpretation.