It Was Big Enough to Get Me Completely Inside
Interviews, sound piece and drawings: Rosie Heinrich
Design: Hans Gremmen
Cover: Artwork courtesy of Bryan Nash Gill author of Woodcut (New York: Prince-ton Architectural Press, 2012)
Size: 153x213mm
Edition: 250
ISBN: 978-94-90294-38-0
Price: €15

This work is a sound piece pressed onto 10” vinyl with an accompanying booklet. It is a construction of interwoven interview fragments in which three people recount transcending their ordinary perception of reality. Each of their accounts are laced with wavering perceptions, volatile realities, doubt, and an underlying quest for “truth.” The assemblage relates a fantastical and disturbing tale of esoteric and shamanic rituals, of training schools and occupation, of psychological and bodily accounts, treading a tenuous line between desire and turmoil. It poses the zealous nature of group and individual desire, and its potential to dominate and compel. While the transcription of the sound piece, printed in the booklet, reads as a stream of consciousness —it’s riddled with stutters and the three voices are indistinguishable from one another, there’s no punctuation and sentences potentially start, end or lapse at multiple points—the construction of the work is laid bare when the sound piece is listened to.

Total duration 30 mins.