A Thing Called Time
Concept: Julieta Aguinaco and Iván Martínez
Guest Scientist: Marina Escalera
Authors: Julieta Aguinaco, Marina Escalera and Iván Martínez
Design: Iván Martínez
Edition: 250
Size: 210x150 mm
Price: €10
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A Thing Called Time is a serial publication by Julieta Aguinaco and Iván Martinez that explores the concept of time. For each issue a young professional within the field of biology, architecture, geology, mathematics, or music is invited to collaborate with us, and to approach the subject of time from their discipline. “Issue #1: Biological Time” features Dr. Marina Escalera, a molecular biologist whose research involves searching for new viruses in the fecal matter of vampire bats. “Issue #2: Mathematical Time” is a collaboration with Dr. Felipe Garcia Ramos, a mathematician who studies order and chaos.